Welcome to the

Everett Figure Skating Club!

The membership year promises to be an exciting one here at Everett Figure Skating Club (EFSC).  We’d be happy to have you with us!  Whether you’re a competitive skating family or a family that skates recreationally, we’re confident you’ll find EFSC to be inviting and supportive.  Within our club, you’ll find families who share common goals – first and foremost, the growth and development of each of our skaters.

Due to the dedication of parent and skater volunteers, this year’s members can look forward to quarterly test sessions, club sessions and competitions, in addition to skater workshops and club social events. We will have many representatives of EFSC competing across Washington, the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Our members will participate in Individual and Adult Skating events. And, as always, our members will enjoy a team atmosphere and the support of the many friends made through our club!

As an EFSC Home Club member you can look forward to enjoying the following:

  • Official USFS Membership Card
  • Subscription to Skating Magazine, the official magazine of US Figure Skating
  • Reduced rates for freestyle ice ($7.00/hour with punch card)
  • Jump harness available for coach-assisted training
  • Eligibility for EFSC skater grants (click here for details)
  • Priority and home club rates for test sessions
  • Home club rate to skate at club sessions
  • Off-ice classes (additional fee may be required)
  • Team discount on uniform items

The new membership year begins July 1. You must renew prior to July 1st to avoid a lapse in your USFSA membership (this is of particular importance if you intend to participate in any USFSA events in the month of July). In order to qualify as a “RENEWING” member, your membership application must be received by 11:59 PM, July 31. All persons’ submitting applications after the grace period has expired will be recognized as “NEW” members for club purposes. This distinction will affect eligibility for skater grants that require no lapse in membership from one membership year to the next.

Contact the Membership Chairperson with questions.